Chapter 7 Bankruptcy



!Stop Wage Garnishment! !Stop Home Foreclosure! !Get out of Debt! !Get a Fresh Start!

* WHY IS OUR FEE THAT LOW? * – We are probably asked 4 or 5 times per week why our fee is lower than most other attorneys who are charging $1,900 to $2,200 (plus an additional $400 in costs) for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The answer is simple: because Attorney Crossley knows for a fact that most people who need to file for bankruptcy protection can’t afford a $1,900 to $2,200 lawyer’s fee.  Our fee is affordable and our clients can get the help that they really need.  It’s that simple.

* FREE CONSULTATION * – For a completely free bankruptcy consultation fill out the Free Evaluation form below, or call (508) 655-6085 today.  We can help stop the debt collection calls and get you on the path to a fresh start.

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PAYMENT PLANS * – Financing is available with only a moderate retainer. We can tailor the payment plan to meet your needs.


FLAT RATE $1,500 CH. 7 LAWYER’S FEE * –  Almost certainly the most affordable fee in Massachusetts for the level of experienced bankruptcy law firm that you have working on your case.  We provide superior legal services at affordable rates.  Plus you have our firm’s MATCH & BEAT policy on your side.  If there’s another firm offering you their bankruptcy services, with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, our firm will either MATCH their price or BEAT their price.  We guarantee that when you call us, you will speak with an attorney right away.

EXPERIENCE * – More than 17 years of handling Chapter 7 and 13 consumer bankruptcies, and Chapter 7 and 11 business bankruptcies for thousands of Massachusetts consumers and businesses.  You receive personal, direct service working with an experienced Massachusetts licensed bankruptcy attorney.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE * – This is the real world and we understand that you have to work, so we offer evening and Saturday appointments to fit your schedule.


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