How Much Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?

In 2018 people can expect that attorneys’ fees in Massachusetts consumer bankruptcy cases will range from around $1,500 to $2,500, not including costs. Our fees are substantially lower and the Crossley Law Offices charges only $1,500 for most individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.

Why do other law firms charge a much higher fee? Probably because the bad economy has forced a much larger than usual number of people to file for bankruptcy protection, and as a result a lot of law firms know they can raise their fees.  However, here at the Crossley Law Offices we look at things a bit differently.  We charge clients a $1,500 fee for a standard individual consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy case because we think it’s a fair and reasonable fee to charge people who are suffering through the bad economy.

This $1,500 fee does not include costs which generally consist of a  court filing fee of $335 (the largest cost) and more minimal costs such as a 3 bureau credit report ($45) and 2 Bankruptcy Court required credit counseling certificate courses.

What this means for you is that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy through the Crossley Law Offices will cost you around $1,905 (this amount includes fees and costs) while other attorneys are likely charging between $1,900 and $2,500 for the very same service.

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