Where Is The Bankruptcy Court In Massachusetts, And Will I Have To Go?

There are 3 Bankruptcy Court departments in Massachusetts, one in Boston, one in Worcester and one in Springfield.  You will have to visit one of these courts at least one time, but a bankruptcy lawyer from our office will be with you every step of the way.  After the court receives a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, it schedules a meeting of your creditors with the bankruptcy Trustee.  In the vast majority of cases no creditors attend the meeting and it is just you, your bankruptcy lawyer, and the bankruptcy Trustee for about a ten (10) minute meeting. This is called the section 341 meeting (341 meetings are also held in Brockton and Pittsfield).  The Crossley Law Offices handles bankruptcy cases for people who live throughout Massachusetts.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

Our Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyers have numerous years of experience handling Ch. 7 bankruptcies for Massachusetts residents, and we work with clients from anywhere in the State. Don’t get stuck with an inexperienced bankruptcy lawyer. You owe it to yourself to contact our offices for a totally free consultation and case evaluation. Let us help you get your life back on track if you are dealing with bills that are piling up, being sued by creditors, faced with having your paycheck garnished, or the bank is threatening to foreclose on your house.  Our office will match or beat the fee quoted to you by any other experienced bankruptcy attorney.  []

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information

We work everyday with Massachusetts residents and businesses who don’t qualify for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.  Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy is especially helpful to homeowners who owe past-due amounts on their mortgage(s), or for people who want to “cram down” their automobile loan(s).  Contact our office today for more information about Chapter 13 bankruptcy and for a totally free consultation.  Our Match & Beat fee policy applies to Chapter 13 fees as well.   []